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"Don’t look for motivation. Find your WHY. 

Then no excuses come between you and your goals."



I launched my Financial Coaching business 3 years ago to ...

💜 Do a job that I love.

💜 Positively impact the people I work with.

💜 Be proud of what I do.

💜 Be a good role model for my children.

💜 To earn money with integrity.

💜 Be financially independent and contribute to our family wealth.

💜 Give me the freedom to spend more time with my family, doing the things we love to do.


I remind myself of these aspirations, my 'WHY', regularly.

Particularly the last one 💜

🦋 Whenever life takes me in a new direction, I think of my WHY.

🦋 Whenever things get me down, and I feel the overwhelm creeping in, I think of my WHY.

🦋 Whenever a change presents itself, or an avenue calls for exploration, I think of my WHY.

🦋 Whenever I need a push, to reset, and to encourage me back to my track, I think of my WHY.

My WHY gives me MOTIVATION when I hesitate, 

It gives me STRENGTH to move forward when I'm uncomfortable,

It  gives me CONFIDENCE when I feel like an imposter

And it gives me REASSURANCE when I’m reluctant. 

My WHY supports me in feeling happy, positive and secure.


Behind my desk I have these 2 photos and 2 daily cues:


❤️ This is me and my husband on the Bolivian salt plains, 17 odd years ago, when we took a 6 month sabbatical instead of a tradition honeymoon and backpacked through South America.


❤️ These are my children, about 4 years ago, high with holiday happiness and with their arms around each other.


❤️ This is my cue to remind me to ... well, you can see what it reminds me to do!


❤️ And this is the wisdom I am drawn too, every time I find myself wavering outside of my comfort zone.

The photos remind me every day of my WHY, and the cues encourage me on my journey.


This week, I have a very simple question for you to explore:

What is your Why?

Having that clarity and purpose, and reminding yourself of your why, can make all the difference to reaching your goals

And if you would like any support exploring your WHY, perhaps you're feeling unfulfilled, or if you feel you have lost your direction - click the button below to book a free chat with me to see if I can help ⬇️

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