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A financial coach is there to help you focus on your goals and streamline your financial commitments so that your money - however much or little of it you have - really begins to work for you.  A financial coach is to your personal money management what a personal trainer is to your fitness. 
Money influences so many of our major life decisions, as well as our day-to-day, and yet we are not taught how to manage it.  Many people feel unprepared or anxious around money, and these worries can increase over time as we mature and have more to pay and save for.  Taking the time to learn techniques, skills and creating a financial routine that feels good will lead to a healthier,  wealthier you.
As a financial coach I help clients challenge their attitude to money so that they feel inspired and motivated to take more responsibility for their financial future. I love to work collaboratively so that my clients gain confidence and learn to use their money effectively.  They are then able to take the appropriate steps towards their life goals. 

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Financial Coaches provide a safe space for you to explore your own unique circumstance and create tangible steps that best suit you and your lifestyle.  Your behaviours are challenged and you find strategies and solutions to better manage your personal finances.   
A financial coach helps you focus on your own wealth education, growth and decision process. You remain in control by learning how to change mindsets and manage your money smarter to make better informed investment decisions.  A financial coach is non-regulated and is there to empower you with knowledge and resources, rather than tell you what to do.

Financial advisors focus on your asset portfolio and provide specific investment and planning advice.  You relinquish control of your assets and they manage them for you.  They sell investment products and make specific recommendations, investing your funds actively on your behalf.  A financial advisor is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Claire gave me invaluable guidance, helpful resources and tools to understand where my money was actually going.  And in the space of one meeting she completely demystified ISAs and Pensions! 

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Mint Coaching is tailored to you

By working with me, you will gain practical insights and strategies to effectively manage your money, make informed budgeting decisions, and cultivate financial resilience for a more secure and stable future.

ROI (Return On Investment)

You will gain skills, insights and knowledge that, when followed through, cover your initial investment in financial coaching many times over.

Worldwide service

I can provide coaching wherever you are via Zoom or in person coaching from my home office in London N10.


'Money Mayhem to Money Master' 
Signature 2 months coaching programme including six focussed coaching sessions, wrap around support and bespoke templates for managing your money.


'Ask me anything'
One off Power Hour for a quick fix.

See if we click

Book your free, no-obligation 121 mini call below. 
This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and decide if this is the right investment for you.

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