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I’m Claire, a Certified Financial Coach, Accredited ILM Coach & Mentor and the Founder of Mint Coaching.

I help mid-life entrepreneurs and professionals, who are drowning in personal financial chaos and anxiety, to build and achieve lasting financial security and peace of mind for themselves and their family.

Through coaching I can help you conquer money-related challenges, transform your financial knowledge, boost productivity and find calm as you say goodbye to overwhelm and anxiety over your personal finances.

I have over 20 years of experience in the business world journeying through live event management, credit control, business development and project management, building my financial knowledge and experience before settling into personal financial management.  Over the years I have built informative relationships with IFAs and managed many aspects of family wealth including retirement planning, investing, debt, consolidating, loans, property, self managed investment platforms and even Crypto.

As a coach, I am calm, patient and non-judgemental, logical and resourceful.And my significant experience in personal financial management enables me to simplify the technical financial jargon that can be so overwhelming.  I have a deep and long term understanding of personal finance, not to mention experience in the many challenges that life throws at us.
Financial coaching empowers individuals to develop healthier relationships with money, addressing both practical strategies and mindset shifts around budgeting, saving, and investing.

Its effectiveness lies in its ability to not only offer personalised financial guidance but also to support mental well-being by nurturing confidence, resilience, and a comprehensive approach towards money management.

Financial coaching cultivates sustainable financial habits and emotional resilience, leading to long-term financial security and peace of mind.

I am both a Certified Financial Coach as well as an Accredited Coach & Mentor.
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I truly love helping people feel empowered and confident so that they can grab the reins and choose how they want their money to work for them.  

Once you gain clarity over your finances, you have the confidence to be intentional with your decision making and live the life you choose. That’s a real freedom, and it feels great!
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› I think being kind and trying your best are key to a happy life.
› I love butterflies.
› I am very patient unless you walk too slowly, chew too loudly, or litter.
› Winnie The Pooh is my hero.
› I have scuba dived in over 50 sites around the world. 
› I am a proud musicals nerd.
› My weekly Ocado order brings me great joy.
› I have a slight addiction to excel spreadsheets.
› I am very honest and don’t bullshit.  I also swear a bit.
› I like to streamline.  Being over-complicated is exhausting.​
› I make the best jacket potatoes.
› My meditation is tidying up, it calms me down and clears my mind.
› Sometimes I giggle so much that I can't breathe.
› Time freedom, and to live life on our own terms, is our family goal.

Claire can simplify even the most complicated of scenarios.  With her support and insight, she has helped me create useful habits meaning I am now productive and efficient in my business.  Every time I have a coaching session with Claire I feel more centred and focussed.

KATE, 48

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humour.

Charles Dickens

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