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A simple way to feel happier

"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."

Robert Block


This is Edina & Patsy, but it could also be me and my bestie.

We met at Uni, about 25 years ago, and despite our differences including the way we think, respond, work, play, live, holiday (I could go on … haha!) we have a friendship that is totally and absolutely fabulous (see what I did there?).

The key to our successful friendship?

We never judge each other.

By never judging, we can fully accept each other for who we are. It means we can support and champion each other, purely. It means we can respectfully challenge each other without fear of requital. It makes for lively debate, and hilarious conversation. And good, old fashioned, unconditional care and affection.


Good friends are good for your health.

Friends prevent feelings of loneliness and give us companionship and support. Friends can boost your contentment, improve your sense of purpose, fill your happiness cup and increase your feeling of belonging.

Our friendships enrich our lives and boost our mental wellbeing.


And so, today’s blog isn’t about money management.

It’s about friendship and the wellbeing it brings. It’s about realising that in a world where there can be so much unkindness, you can still be kind. Kind to your friends and kind to yourself.

So please take this as a gentle encouragement for you to call that friend you’ve been meaning to call. Or arrange that dog walk with your buddy that keeps being put off. Or book a night out with your bestie. Or a day out with an old work colleague. A brunch with a cousin. A zoom with a school friend. Or simply send a text. Reach out and fill that friendship cup.

Your wellbeing will benefit. And so will that of your friend. Two for the price of one. Go ahead, pick up the phone. Gift yourself some time with a friend or two.

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