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Let's be strategic!

“I think they should list shopping as a cardiovascular activity. My heart never beats as fast as it does when I see a 'reduced by 50 percent' sign.”

Sophie Kinsella


As the bustling craziness of Black Friday sales is in full swing,

I thought I would focus this week’s blog on navigating the shopping frenzy and share some insights that will help you make wise financial decisions during the sales rather than ones you might regret!

It's no secret that this time of year can be challenging for our wallets, but if we’re strategic, we can make sure our wallets survive the excitement of the shopping madness.

Here we go …


📃 Plan Ahead and Make a List:

The all-important first step of keeping the shopping under control – make a list of what you want to buy before you start looking around! Being prepared with a list and a plan will keep you focused, prevents impulsive buys, and helps ensure purchases align with your priorities and budget. In the frenzy of deals, a list is a powerful tool for efficient and mindful shopping. Don’t shop without one!


🤔 Distinguish Between Wants and Needs:

In the midst of sales, distinguishing between needs and wants is key. The allure of discounts can blur these lines, making it vital to prioritise genuine necessities or gifts from the list (see above) over momentary desires. This clarity ensures mindful shopping, preventing impulsive decisions that may later be regretted.


💍 Beware of 'Shiny Object Syndrome':

'Shiny object syndrome' refers to the tendency to be drawn to flashy, attention-grabbing offers. Stay focused on your financial goals and resist the urge to splurge on items that may seem appealing in the moment but aren't aligned with your overall financial strategy. Stick to the plan, stay true to your financial goals, and don't get sidetracked by the glittery temptations!


💳 Don’t spend money you don’t have:

How much are you able to spend in these sales? A budget is crucial during sales like Black Friday, serving as a financial guide to prevent overspending. It prompts us to consider where the money is coming from, discouraging reliance on credit cards and deferred payments.


⏰ Spend your time well:

You know how I like to time block? Well it works with navigating the sales too! Establishing clear time boundaries while shopping is key. It keeps your experience focused and efficient, helping you avoid unnecessary browsing and impulsive decisions. Avoid spending hours obsessing over all the options out there, and instead carve out limited time to buy things from your list. And be disciplined with yourself please.


🧘‍♀️ Stay calm:

Ah yes, the importance of mindset in all of this. We want it to be an enjoyable experience after all! Rather than succumbing to the pressure of sales and deals, approaching your shopping from a clear and composed mindset will help prevent you from overspending or making impulsive decisions. And this will help make shopping the sales a fun experience as you find great deals without the stress of financial strain.


So, as you go out into the world to grab those deals,

... remember to go armed with your list and to spend mindfully. Happy shopping!


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