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In case you didn't know ...

"Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it."

Steve Maraboli



It’s a funny thing. The word is flung around a lot. We know we are meant to have a ‘good’ one, or a ‘positive’ one. We know it influences things. We may notice when it isn’t playing ball. We understand that a lot of gurus say it is important. But what is mindset, and how important is it really? It is very … really VERY … REALLY VERY IMPORTANT. Put simply, having a beneficial and positive mindset means that you have an expectation that things will turn out well and that you can succeed. 🙌 It gives you courage, energy, motivation.

🙌 It focuses you on your ‘why’, your goals, your aspirations.

🙌 It bolsters you in times of adversity and challenge.

🙌 It leads to lower stress, greater resilience, better communication, a feeling of connection, and a greater sense of purpose.

🙌 Ultimately having an optimistic and positive mindset will bring more happiness, fulfilment and meaning in your life.

Not bad eh?


As a financial coach, I help people with their 'money mindset'.

However, a good mindset is a choice and an optimistic attitude that will spill over into all your endeavours, however big or small. So … how can we give our mindset a BOOST? Well, there are many wonderful tools out there, far too many to list. We could even go down the ‘manifesting’ route, but I’ll save that for another day.


For now

I encourage you to start by increasing your awareness of your mindset and ...

💡 Reflect:

What stories or EXPERIENCES FROM YOUR PAST might be influencing your current behaviours, thought and actions. 💡 Let Go:

Tune in to those SELF-SABOTAGING BELIEFS that you might have been carrying with you for a while, and choose to work towards letting them go. 💡 Commit:

Accept your past, learn from your mistakes and non-useful behaviours (and those of others who have influenced you), then commit to INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE A PATH and a future that is what you want. 💡 Clarify Your Values & Goals:

Determine your values & goals as focussing on these will give you PURPOSE and help to guide and shift you along your journey. 💡 Believe in yourself:

Mindset is in your mind. And the only voice in your mind is your own. Practice SELF-KINDNESS, be encouraging, and consistently have your own back by being your own cheerleader.


Don't underestimate the power of your mindset.

By implementing the tips above you can begin to make great changes and shifts.

You can boost your mindset so that you can let the sh*t go, choose the next right thing, and keep taking those steps towards your own success and fulfilment.

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