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I am only human

“You need to give yourself permission to be human.” Joyce Brothers

So picture this ...

It's a typically busy Tuesday afternoon in the Saunders house, and my meticulously planned day is well underway.

I'm feeling productive, confident, and am totally nailing my to-do list. The kids’ dinner is almost ready, and I’m chatting with my children dealing both with homework and the fact that yes, bathing regularly is an important thing to do (!), when something unexpected happens ... I receive a call from one of my amazing clients … I had COMPLETELY FORGOT about our coaching session and had not attended our planned time together.


As you can imagine, my initial reaction was far from positive.

Self-disappointment, frustration, and embarrassment flooded over me. Thoughts of "How could I let this happen?" and "What will the client think of me?" filled my mind, and even a touch of fear crept in, worrying about the consequences of this mistake.


But in the midst of my whirlwind of emotions, a realisation struck me like a ray of sunshine breaking through stormy clouds: I AM ONLY HUMAN. And yes, I am prone to making mistakes, no matter how hard I try or how well I plan and think that I’ve set reminder alarms.

These things happen.


In that moment, I made a conscious choice.

I chose to practice self-forgiveness, to be patient and understanding with myself. Instead of dwelling on the mistake and berating myself endlessly, I chose to view it as an opportunity for growth.

I reached out to my client, admitted my mistake, and TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for the oversight. I apologised sincerely, offering an explanation for what happened. And you know what? My client, being human too, understood. They appreciated my honesty, and we are simply rebooking for another time.


This experience reminded me of a valuable lesson

... that mistakes are not the end of the world. They are stepping stones on our journey of growth and self-improvement. They remind us that PERFECTION IS AN ILLUSION, and it's through our imperfections that we can connect with our humanity and our real selves.


So my simple message is

Please remember that it's okay to make mistakes. In fact, it's more than okay - it's inevitable. Embrace your humanness, your vulnerability, your true self, and find strength and acceptance.

When you stumble, when you falter, remember to BE KIND TO YOURSELF. Extend the same patience, understanding, and forgiveness that you would offer to a friend. Learn from your mistakes, adapt, and keep moving forward.


We're all on this beautiful and bonkers journey of life together.

So, let's be ok with the mistakes, embrace our humanness, learn lessons along the way, and find comfort in our remarkable ability to pick ourselves up, dust off the disappointment, and stride forward with self-kindness and acceptance.


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