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What is a Financial Coach?

I’m Claire Saunders, a Certified Financial Coach. Hi! Here's a bit about what I do ...

A financial coach is a life coach that helps you to focus on how to use your money as a tool to help you achieve your goals and aspirations in life. Think of me as a personal trainer to your money management!

🙌 I am your mentor, here to give you space to work through your worries and evolve your dreams and desires. I can help guide and encourage you out of the overwhelm and into clarity.

🙌 I am an expert in personal finance and can help you learn and understand the options that are available to you now and further along your journey, providing tools and tips to help at any stage.

🙌 I am your coach. I will listen to you, challenge you, hold you accountable, offer perspective, raise your self awareness and support your personal growth. Together we can look at changing habits and creating behaviours that are more useful and beneficial to you.

🚫 I am not a Financial Advisor. I am not regulated by the FCA, which is great as I have no intention of selling your products or telling you what to do.

✅️ I help busy people - looking to be better understand their finances, be more productive and gain more freedom - go from feeling overwhelmed, worried and time-poor to feeling calm, confident and in control.

Of course, there is so much more to Financial Coaching and the results can be totally transformative! If you want to learn more, or have any questions, feel free to message me below or email me directly at and I will personally respond to you.

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