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Time for a financial declutter?

"Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein


I used to collect financial paperwork.

I was sure everything was important. Even things I'd already actioned. Keep keep keep. I had multiple accounts, across different companies, though I wasn't sure what was in each, or why I had so many accounts. I thought maybe that was sensible of me. Spread my money. Keep the bills, the statements, the letters. Just in case.

Of what, I'm not sure. But just in case ...


But oh my goodness!

The overwhelm and stress that came with trying to manage it!

The stuff everywhere! Online ... in files ... in my loft ... in my never touched in-tray ... on dropbox ... in unopened piles of envelopes ... oh the clutter!

Suffice to say I found inner zen-like peace (ok, not quite zen but a hell of a lot better) by SIMPLIFYING and DECLUTTERING my financial admin!


Here's how to simplify and declutter your finances:

✂️ Firstly, cut the crap. This means shutting down any subscriptions & services you don’t need, and make sure to close any old accounts that are just sitting there.

🗑️ Next, ditch the paper. It feels so good! Most things can be accessed online nowadays anyway so only keep the absolute essentials. No-one can be zen-like surrounded by mountains of old paperwork.

🧘‍♀️Okay, now it is time to consolidate. Combine those multiple bank accounts into as few as you can. It will make managing them so much easier. Streamline and tidy up. And that goes for any savings accounts with a few quid in them here and there, pensions from 5 different companies you no longer work for, and any other multiple accounts that you can simplify right down.

🦉 Now that your accounts are more manageable, remember to pay yourself first. This means setting up regular payments to your savings, your investments, your debt plans, and making sure they go out of your current account as soon as you are paid. Good money sense starts with paying yourself first.

⚽ And finally, don’t forget the most important piece of the puzzle ... and that's to focus on boosting your money mindset. Take a moment to reflect on your money goals, dreams & ambitions. What do you want to achieve? How would you like to be?


Keeping track of your personal finances can be stressful, chaotic & frustrating.

From multiple current accounts, joint accounts, savings accounts, loan accounts, car payments, direct debits, ISAs, pensions, debts … keeping track can be overwhelming.

The good news is the benefits of SIMPLIFYING and DECLUTTERING your personal finances are HUGE!

➡️ Your money is easier to track. ➡️ You will feel less stress. ➡️ You can identify any issues. ➡️ You will improve your wellbeing.⁠


By simplifying your financial admin you will enhance your money management.

Streamlining where you store information and the number of accounts you handle not only eases tracking but also raises your money awareness.

When things are less complex, stress diminishes, allowing you to regain control and feel on top of your finances. With simplified finances, you gain clarity. Whether it's budgeting, curbing impulsive spending, prioritizing self-care, tackling debt, or cutting unnecessary subscriptions, streamlined finances empower you to address these challenges directly.


The path to calmly managing your financial admin lies in awareness

Understand your habits, identify changes, and take gradual steps toward your financial and life goals.

Though it may take a little bit of work initially to declutter, it can save you a lot of time and money in the long term!


Why not use this weekend to start simplifying you financial admin?

And if you would like a little more support, you can book a FREE, no obligation call with me to chat about ways I can help.

Drop me an email and let me know how you get on!

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