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I believe the children are our future

"Whatever our dreams, ideas or projects, we plant a seed,

nurture it and then reap the fruits of our labor."

Oprah Winfrey

I recently attended an inspirational seminar, presented by Will Rainey, about How to talk to kids about money.

No, that wasn’t quite it. It was actually …

Teaching adults how to talk to their kids about money.

I utterly loved it, and learned so much.

And it was really interesting to discover that the techniques for teaching and talking to kids about money, absolutely resonated with me, as an adult.

There were suddenly new ways to comprehend, to teach, to learn, and to interpret.

Everything about this excites me.

The idea that we can potentially reach young people and help them create a positive and useful money mindset, that will stand them in good stead as adults feel truly transformational.


And this has made me curious ...

What are your earliest memories of money as a child? Can you remember how they made you feel or what you saw?

What saying did you frequently hear?

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees?

  • Money burns a hole in your pocket?

  • Cash is King?

  • Money is the root of all evil?

Did you grow up with caregivers who saved? Caregivers who spent every penny they had spare? Or somewhere in-between?

Did you have caregivers who suffered as a result of money? Maybe they lost money or gained money or gambled money or hid money?

Were you told that money was private? We don’t discuss money? It is uncouth to ask people what they earn?


Isn't it amazingly eye-opening when we become more aware of those messages that we heard when we were younger.

We tend to understand that the messages young people absorb often contribute to the mindset of the adult they become.

The behaviours they see, influence the ones they exhibit.

Changing our mindset and behaviours as adults, though absolutely possible, is not always an comfortable journey.


Imagine if our children have a beneficial money mindset already? How much easier might their adult lives be?

How might we change our behaviours around young people? Maybe our own children, or nieces and nephews.

How would we like to be? How would we like them to be? How can teach them so their adult financial journey is smoother?

This can be a tricky and sensitive subject, and I would love to know your thoughts on this. Please do comment below, or drop me an email, and let me know if any of this resonates with you?

Oh, and I highly recommend Will's BRILLIANT book … yes, it is for children, though don’t underestimate its power for us adults too.


If this article has struck a cord with you, perhaps you would like to know how to speak to your children about money, or you are worried that your money behaviours are affecting your children, please contact me for a free mini 121 to chat about ways I might be able to help.

And don't forget to join my mailing list for more tips on money and time management!

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