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90 minutes £100

This is where everyone starts.  A 90 minute deep dive giving you the opportunity to download your thoughts, and any concerns, and to think about your objectives in a safe, confidential space. 


We will begin to explore the areas you want to focus on and together we can look at initial steps and actions to help you on your financial journey.

Image by Rohan Makhecha


60 minutes x3 £240

This service is a favorite next step among many of my clients.


Three one-hour sessions offering structure and clarity.  We focus on what is realistic, what changes you would like to work towards and how you might like to be. 


We look at financial simplification tools and you will have the opportunity to learn and be guided and mentored in the areas that are important to you. We look at how to change habits, focus on plans, and choose positive and achievable actions towards a long term happy practice.


60 minutes each session £75

Sometimes we need to feel free and go with the flow. This option gives us time to take each session as it comes and as we build on foundations of a beneficial outcome.  We will collaborate and explore what might become your life plan, and look at how your finances can best serve you and take you there in more detail. 


Initially 6 sessions tends to work best though you can have as many or as few as you wish.  This option also works well if you would like a regular 'maintenance' check in.

Image by Tadeusz Lakota
Reading a Book

"Knowing yourself is always the first step to improving yourself."
Pete Matthew

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